the Assholes

Assholes seem to rule the world. Take a look at our politicians and prove that one wrong. Unfortunately one has to use the word “seems” because truthfully speaking they no more rule then their opposites, but they are so blatant in their asshole-ness, one would think they rule. We all have a little asshole in us – hell, we all have assholes, but this post is not about that kind of asshole. Lucky for the definition both types of assholes pretty much do the same thing – exude plenty of shit. (See what I did there, me so clever.)

Every year we at the Hideout do a show about assholes in media. You have to have a good guy, a bad guy and there must be an asshole in order to make the story work. Look at William Atherton in Ghostbusters or Real Genius or Die Hard – he’s the asshole in every each of those movies. William Zabka made being an asshole an art form and it took him years to break away from the role. Can you imagine those casting meetings? “We need an asshole, is Zabka available?” Asshole makes the plot move foreword, giving the villain just enough edge to add 20 much needed minutes to the movie. Assholes break the couple up so that the romantic comedy can get a few more laughs before the predictable ending. Movies, TV shows, video games, novels, even comics need their assholes. Continue reading

Slings and Arrows

The CW has announced that its new hit show Arrow will be coming back for a second season.  Arrow has been a rating winner for the CW and one of it’s most popular new shows with the biggest premiere ratings since 2009.  Add that to the slew  fan favorite actors making guest appearances,  including alumni from highly successful  shows like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactic (the one that doesn’t suck), it doesn’t look like the ratings are going down any time too soon.

Of course, like anything, Arrow has it’s haters who probably watch every episode and are now crying on some message board or blog, or Facebook page (angry meme powers, activate!) about how a show like Arrow can get renewed yet FOX won’t bring back Firefly.  (I don’t want to be the one to tell them about the whole “different network”  thing.)  However, it is the opinion of the Hideout that Arrow rocks the Casbah and deserves another season or four.

CW has also announced that Vampire Diaries and Supernatural will be renewed.  It is the sign of interesting times that genre fiction is kicking more ass on CW then the post-teenie/over-sexed pseudo soap opera-meets-chick-flick shows the network has been famous for.

At the start of the weekend the Director of X-Men: Days of Future Past tweeted thta Peter Dinklage, fan favorite star of Game of Thrones, has signed on to be in the upcoming prequel/sequel.   Obviously, and admittedly stereotypically, one would think the role he’d play is the character Puck, who is a member of Alpha Flight a group that started out as X-Men enemies but are actually good guys and Canada’s Super Hero team in the Marvel Universe.   Then on 2/20/2013 word began to spread that Mr. Dinklage might be playing Bolivar Trask, the mutant hating sciencetist who create the Sentinals (which, for those not i the know, are giant robots used to hunt down and kill mutants.)

This makes the next X-Men movie pretty dense with cast members.  They have Ellen Page, Anna Paquin (who promises not to get naked in the first ten minutes), Shawn Ashmore, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to name a few.

Pushing Around the JLA

The Justice League movie has suffered another delay as rumors and news swirls about the endlessly troubled production.  The reports agree that Warner Brothers is considering pushing back the film, which was originally slated for 2015.   This is because of the wait-and-see attitude they are taking on the Superman film, it’s success or failure will determine where things go.

There’s also some talk that they would have to reboot the Batman franchise (again) in order to bring their biggest money maker away from the “realistic” Christopher Nolan take to the DC world where he belongs.  The one story that has come out is the Will Beall script has been scrapped and Warner Brothers is going forward with a complete re-write.  Warner is concerned about the lackluster performance of another Beall script movie, Gangster Squad, which did fair well at the box office.  Whether is was because of the re-shoot caused by the Sandy School shooting or the lack of plot in the script to begin with depends upon who you ask.  Will Beall has been removed as writer for the JLA script.

It’s obvious that these delays will mean that Warner will not have it team ready to compete with Avengers II, which is also slated for 2015 and moving forward with plenty of news and updates surrounding the four films both proceeding and leading up to it.  One can make many guesses as to why Warner Brothers is having so much trouble with it’s Super Hero franchise at a time where Super Hero movies are at a height and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  The fact remains that if they don’t get it together, the owners of the most iconic set of characters is going to find itself left in the dust on this – more then it is now.

Veronica Mars movie

You have to give it to TV show fans, they can be as fickled bunch but for Veronica Mars the fans came out in force and just blew away a Kickstarter record.  In the first day of putting up a Kickstater campaign for the making of a Veronica Mars movie, in just half that day fans came on and raised $3 million dollars making the Veronica Mars Movie Campaign a history maker for Kickstarter.

As of this writing there are almost 60 thousand contributors to campaign and they are well on their way to raising $5 Million.  Okay, it’s Veronica Mars, okay we’re talking low budget and there may be a question of shooting schedules (a lot of the cast are in current series.)  This is not the only time Fans got to at least get an ending to a favorite series.  Fan reaction gave Farscape a 4-hour ending, gave Firefly a movie, gave Dollhouse an extra season, saved Community.

While the “Bring Firefly Back” campaign started by an off handed comment from Nathan Fillion caused an online campaign that didn’t go anywhere – mostly because there was no actual campaign from the makers of the show – it is one of a very few exception of the new rule of how media will be decided.  Fans don’t just have a say as a demographic on a Neelson Rating chart anymore, they have an actual say in what the future of any franchise could be.

Good Times – The Movie?

Scott Rudin, producers of such films as Social Network, Money Ball and The Fantastic Mr. Fox has bought the rights to the 1970’s show, Good Times, and has decided that it should be a movie.

Sony Pictures is giving the movie the green light and according to reports it’s expected to be a movie about the Civil Right era – which would ground it to about the time the actual sitcom aired (which was February of 1974 until August of 1979.) No cast has been announced yet but it would not be a surprise to see Tyler Perry cast in the role of Floria.

Turtles Get Sexy

Looks like Megan Fox and Michael Bay have kissed and made up from what ever went on during Transformers 3, because eveyone is reporting that Megan Fox will play April O’Neal in the upcoming Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle film.  This, of course, gives those who already hates the reboot another reason to hate it even more.

According to reports Fox was blown away by director Jonathan Liebesman’s storyboard designs for the Turtles, which we hope he put online some time soon.   There were earlier reports that the production had stalled but it looks like things are moving forward since casting continues.

For the record, and to the haters, Megan Fox is hella-hot and even if we at the Hideout do not agree with the change in the Turtle’s origin, having her on screen is almost worth the price of admission.

Other news

According to ET, Mark Hamill is in talks to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in the next Star Wars movie.  For those who are taking a break from the cave they are living in, Disney is developing the next set of Star Wars films after purchasing the rights for 4 billion dollars from Lucasfilms.  Hamil said, “They’re talking to us.  George (Lucas) wanted to know whether we’d be interested.  He said that if we didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t cast other actors in our parts, they’d just write us out.  I can tell you right away that we haven’t signed any contracts.  We’re in the stage where they want us to go and meet Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy, who is going to run Lucasfilm.  Both had meetings set that were postponed–on their end, not mine.  They busier than I am.”  He also say that they wanted to go back to “the way it was, in the sense that ours (the original trilogy) was much more carefree, lighthearted and humorous… and another thing I’d want to make sure that we would have the whole gang back.  Are Carrie, Harrison, Billy Dee, and Tony Daniels, everybody that’s still around from the original returning?”

No deals have been made but the rumor mill has stated that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are also in talk to come back to their roles.  No word yet on how many of the original cast will be coming back or what the plot will be, but so far thing look as if they are gong in the right direction.

Castle Season 5 Review

If you want to grab the attention of your audience, start with a suspicious man running down an alley then turning to fire a big ass gun as a van speeding at him only to be hit – then cut to our main characters.  This is an episode that pulls us again to what makes Castle work, tense situation, interesting mystery, and character interaction that works for the serious and the humor that show is know for mixing.

There’s a formula for crime drama.   You have to have the crime, or what you think is a crime only to have clues lead you to the real crime.   For the most part they have to be procedural, which is often said with a bit of criticism and that never made sense to me.  Cop show or detective series, it involves investigation and you can’t do that without procedure.  The most important element is members of  the circle of characters will all get into trouble at some point, and the rest of the characters have to get them out of said trouble.  Some crime dramas do it by the book, keep it tight, in with the crime out with the solution, and please buy our better cable package commercials in between.  Others do it with flair.  Castle has mostly fallen on flair, which is one of the reasons the show has lasted so long. Continue reading

Banshee Review

This is one show that when you watch on DVD or Netflix you’re going to regret not catching it earlier.  Every episode steps up the tension to an already tension filled series, and when they bring it, it’s pretty much brung.

The deliciously hot Rebecca plot changes radically, and she has to turn to Ex-Amish turn small town gangster Uncle Kai for help, and that relationship take a full blown “Hustler’s Barely Legal” turn.   Lucas get to confront Carrie about his daughter, and Olec come to town to tell Rabbit’s daughter it’s time to come home or die.   In the history of TV fights, this one turns the volume up to eleven as Carrie disagrees with Olec, violently.   Alex Longshadow gets the family business and it turns out he has a smoking hot sister who pops up to wish pops a good death and will probably be sticking around Banshee for a bit.

Where her storyline is going it hard to tell but it doesn’t look like Kai is going to have things go exactly his way.  Gordon, whose been suspicious of Carrie’s behavior from episode one, goes on a tear to find out what she’s hiding and we get a great moment between him and Deva.

The end-credit snippet is a perfect game changer but the next week preview puts things on a nail-biting/edge of your seat level.   This isn’t just a show, it’s an action/crime drama hyped up on a permanent rush of speed and meth.  It can’t be said enough, you’re going to kick yourself for missing out on this one.

What would you do the protect the life you’ve made for yourself and your family?  Of course most people would say anything.  Carrie makes a decision on this episode and while not unexpected it does put a interesting meaning to “everything.”   As mentioned in a Castle review, one of the things you have to include in any crime drama is at some point or another the central characters will get into trouble.  Banshee is a show where everyone is a target for one reason on another and it works perfectly.

The robbery gone wrong, the Mayor’s reaction to how Lucas does his job, Job’s reaction to Carrie’s phone call, and in the wings there’s Rabbit.

It’s obvious that the Rabbit sub-plot is going to have a “Last Man Standing” vibe going for it when it comes to a head, and we get none of those flashbacks this episode the show is really good at.  We know why Lucas reacted to Deva being in trouble (again), and the relationship between Kai and Lilli seems just to “Hustler’s Taboo” which fits right in with why this show is Cinemax’s perfect guilty pleasure.   Every episode takes a page out of super hero movies by giving you a reason to watch until the credits finish, and the snippet at the end give us a clue about how fast things are going from worse to really, really awful.   This is one show fans are going to pine over as we wait another season.  Yes, it’s just that good.