HEALTH ADVISORY_ Jamaica Pond Closed As a result of Suspected Algae Bloom

BOSTON – October 6, 2023 —The Boston Public Well being Fee (BPHC) has issued a public well being advisory for Jamaica Pond on account of a suspected bloom of blue-green algae, also called cyanobacteria. Primarily based on preliminary visible inspection of the pond, it seems probably that Jamaica Pond is experiencing a dangerous algae bloom. These blooms could produce toxins that may make individuals and pets sick. Park guests are urged to keep away from contact with the water and any areas of algae focus, even on shore.

Jamaica Pond is quickly closed to water actions. In the course of the closure, park guests can not:

· Swim, fish, boat or have interaction in different leisure actions on or within the water

· Permit canines to swim in or drink the water

If you happen to, your little one, or your canine is available in contact with the water or an algae bloom, rinse off instantly.

Blue-green algae can kind dangerous blooms in lakes, ponds, and rivers that make the water murky, and may typically make the water appear like pea soup or paint. The present suspected bloom in Jamaica Pond seems like a uninteresting inexperienced discoloration that could possibly be confused as in any other case protected pond water. Blue-green algae blooms can produce toxins which will make individuals and pets sick. Toxins could also be current inside the algae cells or within the water.

For people, the first concern is ingestion of water containing blue-green algae whereas swimming. Direct pores and skin contact with the blue-green algae and inhalation of water droplets containing blue-green algae or toxins is a secondary concern. For canines, the first concern is the ingestion of water containing blue-green algae or scum that has washed ashore or gotten onto their pores and skin or fur.

Contact could trigger pores and skin and eye irritation, and inhalation may cause respiratory irritation and exacerbate pre-existing respiratory situations. Toxins aren’t absorbed by the pores and skin. Ingestion of blue-green algae may cause acute gastrointestinal signs, comparable to vomiting and diarrhea. If the blue-green algae are producing toxin(s), the well being results might be extra critical, particularly for small pets on account of their smaller physique weights. Ingestion of the toxins may cause acute gastrointestinal misery and, relying on the precise toxin, can have an effect on the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and/or neurological techniques and in extreme circumstances may end up in dying.

Name your veterinarian instantly in case your canine has been round an algae bloom and reveals signs comparable to vomiting, staggering, drooling, or convulsions. These signs current themselves quickly after publicity. Canine have been identified to eat the scum that washes ashore and/or lick scum out of their fur. In Massachusetts and in lots of different states, canine deaths have been documented because of the ingestion of dangerous algae.

When will this advisory be lifted?

Algae blooms could final for weeks or could disappear fairly rapidly. The Boston Public Well being Fee (BPHC) will coordinate with the Massachusetts Division of Public Well being (DPH) over the approaching weeks. DPH water sampling will decide when the advisory might be lifted. DPH recommends that the leisure water advisory not be lifted till two consecutive weekly samples present algal cell counts beneath the protected restrict of 70,000 cells/milliliter of water.

You probably have any questions, issues, or would love extra info, please name the Mayor’s Well being Line at 617-534-5050.